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202,95 EUR*
Details Real Estate Valuation Theory (Research Issues in Real Estate)

Real Estate Valuation Theory is organized around five categories of intellectual contribution to the whole-appraiser decision making and valuation accuracy, application of nontraditional appraisal techniques such as regression and the minimum-variance ...

64,58 EUR*
Details Real Estate Economics

'Real Estate Economics' explains the most important issues in UK and international real estate in terms of applied economics. It includes examples and data from property markets around the world, summaries of recent research in real estate issues, and ...

284,99 EUR*
Details Real Estate Education Throughout the World: Past, Present and Future (Research Issues in Real Estate)

Real Estate Education Throughout the World Documents the status and perspectives of real estate education. This book intends to inform students, academics and practitioners about the situation in a wide range of countries and to provide a foundation ...

17,90 EUR*
Details Getting Started in Real Estate Investment Trusts

Getting Started in Real Estate Investment Trusts Everything you need to know about REITs. Getting started in real estate investment trusts. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) offer small investors the chance to participate in a broad range of real ...

79,90 EUR*
Details Global Real Estate Investment Trusts: People, Process and Management (Real Estate Issues)

As real estate investment trusts continue to grow exponentially in Asia and Europe - being already well established in the USA and Australasia - a comprehensive guide to the issues involved in REIT property investment decision making is badly needed ...

263,41 EUR*
Details Appraisal, Market Analysis and Public Policy in Real Estate: Essays in Honor of James A. Graaskamp (Research Issues in Real Estate)

Appraisal, Market Analysis and Public Policy in Real Estate Organized into four functional areas, this work reflects the multi-disciplinary approach to real estate studies influenced by James A Graaskamp.

9,49 EUR*
Details The Real Estate Fastlane: The Real Book to Become a Millionaire Real Estate Investor. Buy It, Rent It, Profit!

The Real Estate Fastlane This book will show you how to make MONEY. That's the only reason it was written. I assume you would like to get rich. If you roll up your sleeves and genuinely follow its clear directions, you will become a rich, semi-retired ...